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Building a future-fit business

Executives need to focus on building a future-fit business rather than just trying to navigate their way through change.

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The arrival of COVID in 2019 marked the start of a new beginning. 

Flexible working took hold and remains a priority for workers. Labour shortages proved difficult for companies to manage, while geopolitics have continued to dominate the headlines. Add to this credit risks in global markets, ongoing supply chain disruptions, deteriorating productivity levels on almost every continent and a cost-of-living crisis affecting everyone, and it’s easy to see why people the world over are looking for alternatives. 

Couple this with deglobalisation, the rise of generative AI and machine learning, the resurgence of Donald Trump, along with more extreme weather events and it’s understandable why so many leaders say their business needs an overhaul if it’s to get on a new footing.

While each of these things could be a minefield for the unwary, combined they have the potential to cripple decision-makers. At the same time, disruptions of magnitude create opportunities for the brave because the masses are looking for answers.

To capitalise on the change, executives need to focus on building a future-fit business rather than just trying to navigate their way through it if they’re to avoid another costly hiatus.


So, what is the answer?

Although there’s rarely a silver bullet, organisations need to remember our maxim that fundamentally, business performance is a consequence of human performance. 

They also need to adopt a new way of working that enables the organisation to harness its competitive spirit.

As an example, we’re hearing a lot about diversity and inclusion, reimagining cultures, and the bane of many being ‘remote’ working but what we’re not seeing are organisations modernising their operating model and the way they lead their workforce. Instead, most are exacerbating the problem by doubling down on outdated practices that not only impede progress but destroy the essence of constructive, value-driven initiatives.

The fact is most employees want to do a great job and yet the headlines suggest we’re facing a productivity crisis caused by costly, inflexible workers rather than tightening markets that need to be served in better ways.

To change the trajectory, leaders need to think about what their organisation is becoming as a consequence of them. They also need to remember that it will never outperform them. If the strategic requirements of the business are examined properly, most will see the answer to their conundrum is not one or the other, e.g. layoffs versus improvements, but a commitment to build a business that’s capable of outperforming the market.

If you want more from your people, you can either apply the squeeze and get their backs up as most are doing or institute practices that transform their productivity.

In other words, you can either apply people-first processes to transform their impact or stick with compliance-based practices that nullify their engagement.

As MIT said years ago, staff engagement occurs when people are empowered to use their discretion, improve their capability and contribution, and believe in the value of what they’re doing.

If you get these things right, transforming an organisation's productivity is to be expected. However, if all your people are hearing are your leaders bemoaning their lack of productivity, you’ll entrench an impasse that not even AI can rectify given it will still require their aspiration and goodwill to work. 


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