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Typical or projected ROI

The priority for Chief Executives in today’s post-COVID environment is to create the next great era for their business. Given this, organisations need to deploy proven people-first operating models if they’re to keep abreast of the competition in years to come.

In today’s post-COVID environment, business leaders admit

  • The world has changed and so too have their people and customers’ expectations.
  • The need to improve their organisation’s performance has never been greater.
  • Attracting and retaining talent is becoming harder.
  • Finding new and better ways of working is more important than ever.

As a Performance Transformation Process, Vantaset helps Chief Executives unlock the potential of their business to help them realise long-term competitive advantage.

The latest research says

  • Market conditions are making it more difficult for CE’s to transform their organisation’s performance
  • Conventional approaches to performance are no longer working
  • Staff engagement across industry is continuing to fall due to changes in employee expectations
  • Despite the power of AI, high-performing people are still critical to an organisation’s success

In the past, employees were focused on job security. Today, however, they want more from their employer. In particular, staff want to work for companies that have a clear sense of purpose, offer a positive work culture, and provide opportunities for growth and development. For this reason, Vantaset offers a breakthrough in workplace performance as it’s the first performance-focused framework that supports employees across every level of a business.

Global problems

  • Following the outbreak of Covid-19, the relationship between organisations and their people has changed.
  • Staff apathy and indifference have become the norm because people are feeling less connected and valued.
  • Conventional stand-alone systems can’t address the issues organisations are now facing.
  • Managers at every level of business are struggling to improve their people’s productivity and experience.

The days of organisations using outdated compliance-based systems are over. Instead, companies need to adopt true people-first frameworks if they’re to remain an employer of choice in the future.

Changing employee expectations

According to US-based employee engagement company Bonusly, the 7 employee expectations companies need to focus on are:

  • Purpose
  • Culture
  • Onboarding
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Leadership
  • Autonomy
  • Recognition

As an end-to-end solution, Vantaset addresses these expectations within a single, easy-to-use ecosystem.

The need for change

In today’s rapidly changing environment, organisations need to do more to not only stay in front but to win. Further to this, the failure of conventional systems to keep pace with shifting attitudes means leaders are looking for something that will not only power every facet of their business but give it an enduring edge in the market.

Typical ROI from a Vantaset programme

  • 100-1,000% plus increase in company’s ability to convey strategic aspirations to staff and stakeholders.
  • 100-1,000% plus increase in staff understanding of strategic plan and priorities.
  • 50-500% increase in staff alignment and connection to strategy.
  • 50-500% increase in leadership impact and effectiveness.
  • 50-500% increase in staff motivation and commitment to role.
  • 50-500% increase in staff experience and wellbeing.
  • 50-500% increase in staff engagement and optimism.
  • 50-500% increase in workforce productivity and performance.
  • 50-500% increase in staff trust and confidence in the organisation.
  • 25-250% reduction in disengagement and absenteeism.
  • 25-500% reduction in poor or substandard performance.
  • 25-500% reduction in lost productivity and opportunity.
  • 2-10 x Vantaset’s annual license fees saved through improved workplace efficiencies and process simplification.
  • 100-1,000% reduction in the requirement to have Level 1 expertise to transform organisational performance and employee engagement.
  • 100-1,000% increase in an organisations ability to transform its people’s experience.
  • 100-1,000% overall ROI through the combination of improved workplace performance, efficiencies, and process simplification.

Could Vantaset be the answer to your challenges?

1.  What would Vantaset give us?

  • Vantaset would give you a proven framework to establish a new high-performance way of working.
  • It would help you crystallise your strategy so everyone in your business knows what winning looks like for them.
  • It would help you improve your people’s engagement and experience across every level of your business.
  • It would give you data and analytics to help you track your people’s progress against their objectives.

If you are serious about lifting the performance of your business, nothing compares to Vantaset.

2.  What outcomes could we expect by deploying it?

  • A new era of growth and opportunity for your business.
  • An uplift in your people’s performance and productivity (contribution).
  • A step-change in your culture and workplace interactions and collaboration.
  • An improvement in your customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Your organisation’s performance is a consequence of your people’s performance. If you want your business to do better, your people need to perform better.

3.  How would Vantaset help us achieve this?

  • By helping you transform your people’s alignment and connection to your strategy.
  • By improving the performance and impact of your leaders.
  • By creating a true high-performance culture and attitude to business.
  • By providing you with a proven answer to the Future of Work.

Vantaset is the only business-wide performance improvement product on the market that reaches every level of an organisation and, therefore, empowers every person.

Vantaset reduces cost and complexity

  • Vantaset removes the need for organisations to have to maintain expensive disconnected systems.
  • It reduces the expertise and resourcing required to build a world-class enterprise.
  • It reduces employee dissatisfaction and turnover.
  • It reduces recruitment and onboarding costs.
  • It removes the need for businesses to provide ongoing leadership training to improve their managers’ effectiveness.

The cost savings Vantaset delivers alone are typically greater than the annual investment.

Vantaset improves performance and productivity

  • Vantaset improves staff performance and productivity across every level of an organisation.
  • It improves staff tenure and engagement.
  • It improves employee experience and satisfaction.
  • It strengthens institutional knowledge, culture and workplace relationships.
  • It improves NPS and service standards.
  • It improves organisational reputations and profiling.

Vantaset is considered a ‘game-changer’ by Chief Executives and HR Directors alike in terms of improving an organisation’s performance and employee experience.

4.  What are Vantaset’s key points of difference?

  1. The ‘Deep Tech’ performance system that powers it (Steel Performance System™).
  2. The fact it is a fully integrated solution.
  3. Is a genuine leader-led process.
  4. Is supported by a distributed ‘peer-to-peer’ platform.

Vantaset is the only purpose-built performance transformation product on the market. Further to this, it has been tested in virtually every sector over 20+ years to ensure it delivers on our promise: to give executives the best performance improvement solution on the market – period!

Product substantiation

1.  Deep Tech performance system

  • Vantaset is considered by experts to be the most powerful performance improvement framework on the market.
  • It is the only product that’s powered by a proven performance system.
  • It has been described by experts as ‘one of the single greatest breakthroughs in human performance’ and, therefore ‘workplace’ performance.
  • It has proven to be up to 10 x more effective than conventional systems i.e. athletes using our process have produced personal bests on average 87% of the time they’ve competed in Tier 1 events since its inception compared to the international average of 8-10% for those using international best practice offerings.

“In terms of improving business leadership, performance and productivity, Vantaset solutions are in a league of their own.”

Daniel Love
HR Director – Fonterra Brands and Southern Cross Healthcare (Former)

2.  Integrated system

  • Vantaset is the only product that aligns all 5 Drivers of Workplace Performance™ – Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Capability and Performance Management.
  • It is the only ‘end-to-end’ product on the market - others rely on disconnected tools and processes or only focus on 1 or 2 drivers.
  • Deploying Vantaset allows you to apply common tools, language and frameworks to power your business and employee touchpoints.
  • Unless the drivers of workplace performance are integrated, building a high-performing organisation is impossible.

“Introducing Vantaset gave me the tools to transform the performance of New Zealand Police.”

Mike Bush
Commissioner – New Zealand Police (Former)

3.  A genuine leader-led system

  • Vantaset is a genuine leader-led process that allows you to use your own people to drive the change you are looking for rather than relying on external consultants that sit outside the business to do it for you.
  • Being a leader-led process, Vantaset is more economical to deploy and, ultimately, more impactful.
  • It is the only solution that puts the controls in the hands of your people.
  • It is informed by a proven coaching-based leadership playbook to transform the impact of every leader in your business.

“During my time as a consultant, I have worked with many great leaders and organisations but of all of them, I find Police’s transformation to be the most ambitious and compelling change I have ever witnessed.”

Debbie Francis
Government Advisor – Independent Review of NZ Police 2019

4.  A distributed ‘peer-to-peer’ platform

  • Vantaset is the only solution on the market that reaches every person at every level of an organisation.
  • It gives leaders the tools to lift the performance of every person.
  • It transforms your people’s experience on a practical level.
  • It gives you a common language and process to reform your entire business.

“Vantaset changes the way organisations think about their people and how to lead them”

Annamarie Jamieson
People and Capability Director – Stuff Media

How does Vantaset compare with current best practice systems?

Although there are no comparable products on the market, our performance frameworks remain at the forefront of industry. Please note, the comparable products listed below are not necessarily comparable in terms of construct, impact or intent but instead, they are the most widely used or recognised tools for the stated purpose.

  • Tool or function: Organisational transformation tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: No comparable products or offerings
  • Tool or function: Strategic planning/alignment tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: Cascade, Lattice, AchieveIt, Elate
  • Tool or function: Culture change/improvement tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: KornFerry, CTT, Franklin Covey, SHCC
  • Tool or function: Leadership transformation/development tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: Harvard’s LDP, MindTools, C3
  • Tool or function: Performance and productivity improvement tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: Plai, 15-Five, Betterworks, Slack
  • Tool or function: Performance management tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: Deal, Trackstar, Lattice, Leapsome, Insperity
  • Tool or function: Staff engagement and experience tool
    Percentile: Top .01%     Comparable products: Prosper, IntelliHR, Slack, Asana, OfficeVibe

Deployment and integration

Vantaset programmes include:

  • Facilitated workshops and deployment
  • Full platform configuration and support
  • Executive-level coaching
  • Programme and administrative support


  • Vantaset can be integrated into your existing HRIMS or remain a standalone system
  • Provides up-to-date data to improve your performance and decision making
  • Enables your managers to see how their people are tracking against their agreed objectives
  • Provides a complete end-to-end system to transform your employee proposition and experience

Why Vantaset – why now?

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence combined with shifting attitudes has accelerated the need for organisations to find new and better ways of working. At the same time, the prevalence of disruptive start-ups competing for talent means executives need to respond if they want to remain relevant in the future. However, despite the overwhelming need for a better solution, there has never been an answer until now.


If you’re ready to take your people and organisation to the next level, Vantaset is the answer. To find out more, contact us for a demo.

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