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Our revolutionary programmes include facilitated workshops which are supported by our cloud-based platform to ensure a meaningful and permanent change.

Vantaset Enterprise™

For mid to large-scale organisations wanting to transform the way their people and the business operate.

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Key focus

5 Drivers of Workplace Performance™

Core features

  • Strategic Framework

    To better align your people’s roles and activities with your strategy

  • Culture Framework

    To build the high-performance culture you need to step-change your business

  • Leadership Framework

    To create a business-wide ’playbook’ to increase your managers’ impact on their people

  • Capability Framework

    To develop the capability required to execute your strategy

  • Performance Management Framework

    To enable your people to perform to their potential in their respective roles


Vantaset can be integrated with your people management systems or remain a standalone system.

Powered by

Vantaset Enterprise is powered by the Steel Performance System™, our unique performance framework that was initially designed to help elite athletes win on the world stage but now underpins this programme.


For mid to large-scale organisations looking for a breakthrough in workplace performance and engagement.

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Key focus

A new high-performance way of working

Core features

  • Step 1 Game Plans

    To clarify the purpose of your people’s roles and how they contribute to your overarching strategy

  • Step 2 Individual Development Plans

    To develop your people so they can perform at an optimum level

  • Step 3 Progress Reviewer

    To ensure your people get the support they need to deliver the outcomes you’re after

  • Step 4 Performance Reviewer

    To help every person become a true, high-performing member of your business

  • Optional Culture Tool

    To create a performance-focused culture that brings out the best in everyone


Vantaset can be integrated with your people management systems or remain a standalone system.

Powered by

Vantaset Business is powered by the Steel Performance System™ to maximise its impact on your people and organisation as a whole.

Vantaset app on iPhoneVantaset app on iPhone

How Vantaset programmes
are delivered

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To start, one of our Performance Specialists will help your leadership team contextualise your strategy so it can be cascaded throughout your business.

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Set up

At the same time, our Customer Success Team will help your programme team prepare the platform so it reflects your business and organisational structure.

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We’ll then teach your Executive how to apply it so it can be brought to life throughout your business to ensure everyone understands what winning looks like for them.

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Vantaset contains all the tools and materials you need to apply it in your business. This includes learning channels so your people know what to do and when, plus integrated software to manage the process on a practical level.

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Data and analytics

Our distributed ‘peer-to-peer’ platform gives your leaders absolute clarity as to where their people are up to in the process and how they’re tracking against your agreed objectives.

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Vantaset offers a proven high performance way of working to help you realise a new and exciting era for your organisation. Also, because it’s a development-first process, it will transform your people's experience.

Please note:

Vantaset is powered by breakthrough technology that's informed by over 30 years of research on human performance. This allows organisations to not only transform their people’s productivity and experience but build a true future-fit business.

Frequently asked questions
What is Vantaset?

Vantaset is strategic alignment and performance software for business. What makes it unique is it’s the only product on the market that’s powered by a proven performance framework, and aligns all 5 drivers of workplace performance – Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Capability and Performance Management – using the same technology.

What does it do?

Vantaset gives executive leaders a tool to transform the performance of their business and the productivity and experience of their workforce.

It achieves this by turning what we refer to as the ‘5 Drivers of Workplace Performance™’ into a set of frameworks to help your people succeed rather than a collection of disconnected management activities as they are in most organisations.

By repositioning these activities as people-focused frameworks, it enables organisations to unlock the potential of their workforce in a way that benefits everyone.

Where did the idea come from?

Vantaset started off as a high-performance framework for elite athletes. However, due to its impact on sportspeople, our founder was asked if he could share his formular with business leaders to help them improve the performance and productivity of their people. 

After decades of continuous testing and refinement, we decided to turn it into a Platform as a Service offering to help organisations around the world build a true high performing business.

How does it work?

Vantaset allows organisations to connect their people directly with their strategic intent which elevates their importance to the company and, ultimately, their engagement and experience. Further to this, it’s a genuine people-first process meaning it gives staff the tools to succeed rather than assuming they need to be managed to add value. This simple premise changes things because instead of leaders seeing their people as a resource they need to manage, it ensures they see them as the key to their organisation’s success. 

Also, because it’s an end-to-end solution, it enables organisations to modernise their employee touchpoints which simultaneously improves their impact on the business as well as their relationship with their stakeholders and all-round experience.

Why does it work?

At the end of the day, your organisations performance is largely a consequence of your people’s performance. By adopting true people-first tools, Vantaset allows organisations to overcome the barriers typically experienced when conventional compliance-based practices are applied. As a result, it acts as a transformation tool to help organisations engage their people in the process of driving change rather than trying to make them change in order to support the business.

Through years of trial and error, we found our performance framework provided a remarkably effective way of helping organisations improve as it changes the relationship they have with their people leading to a fundamental change in their productivity and experience.

Impact and benefits
Why would an organisation look at it?

As everyone knows, the world has changed. Today people not only want more from their employer, organisations need to do more if they’re to remain an employer of choice in the future. At the same time, leaders are acutely aware of the need to find better ways to lift their people’s productivity and experience if they’re to retain their interest in years to come. 

Having invested over 30 years examining human performance, we believe the days of companies using outdated compliance-based practices to manage their people are over. Instead, organisations need to deploy modern people-first tools to improve their people’s engagement and, ultimately, their contribution to their customers and stakeholders.

In short, Vantaset enables executives to build a future-fit business to either outperform their competitors or deliver on their promise to their communities.

What would it give us?

Vantaset would give you a mechanism to transform every facet of your business including:

  • A strategic framework to help you better connect your people to your strategy so they know exactly what success looks like for them
  • A culture framework to help you build a true high performance culture and attitude to business
  • A leadership framework to help you maximise your leaders’ impact on their workgroup
  • A capability framework to lift the performance and success of every person
  • A new-generation Performance Management framework to support your people in a more constructive and meaningful way 


How is it different from conventional approaches?

Vantaset is unlike anything else on the market. Firstly, it’s powered by a ‘deep-tech’ performance framework that has consistently proven to be up to 10 x more effective than international best practice and secondly, it’s a purpose-built (performance) transformation product meaning its sole purpose is to help organisations achieve a step change in their productivity and impact. 

It is also a people-first process meaning it ‘supports’ every member of an organisation and how they operate as opposed to trying to ‘manage’ their outputs like conventional systems. 

Finally, it’s a leader-led product that’s supported by a new-generation peer-to-peer platform which allows organisations to put the tools to grow their business in the hands of every person while providing data and analytics to help them make better decisions. 

What’s the secret?

We believe the majority of people want to be trusted to get on with their job. What most of us dislike is being micro-managed or judged at every turn.

The reason Vantaset works is because it provides organisations with a proven performance focused operating model to power their business and secondly, it's a high trust model which strengthens people’s relationship with the organisation making it a more constructive, engaging workplace.

This supercharges an organisation’s workforce as it enables them to have a greater impact on the company and its stakeholders while addressing the issues they want their employers to resolve so they can get on and do the work that matters.

Why do you believe your approach is better?

The reason we believe Vantaset is better than conventional systems is threefold. Firstly, it aligns all 5 drivers of workplace performance using common technology which simplifies the business and how it works. Secondly, it’s powered by a proven performance framework that enables people to succeed which is not only critical to their engagement but the organisation’s impact. And thirdly, it allows organisations to optimise their people’s skills and capabilities rather than trying to control their activities by way of policies.

This unique combination allows organisations to not only focus their people on the things that matter, it changes the culture of the business as it empowers everyone to do what they signed up for.

As our 20-plus years of research proves, prescriptive rules-based practices not only destroy people’s engagement and discretionary effort, they consume an enormous amount of time leading to frustration, apathy and disillusionment. Whereas empowering people to own the outcome as Vantaset does, it improves their commitment and accountability because they know that what they produce will be seen as a reflection of them rather than just an output of their role.

What difference would it make to our people?

Vantaset would transform your people’s connection to your strategy and, therefore, their relationship with your business. It would also give them the tools to excel in their roles leading to better productivity and all-round engagement. This would include a leadership playbook to improve your managers interactions with their workgroup and a performance model to support your individual contributors.

It would also give you a way to bring out the best in your people while helping you migrate your policies to modern people-first practices. Critically, it would provide you with a tool to help you lift your people’s contribution and relevance on masse which neither training or technology can ever achieve on their own. 

Return on investment
What does it cost?

Vantaset is a licenced product that includes an initial Setup Fee to ready your people and the business for its arrival, an Annual License Fee which gives you access to both the platform and our IP, and flexible Delivery Fees to allow you to determine the level of support you need to deploy it. 

Once it’s in, our Delivery Partners can arrange ongoing Performance Coaching sessions to help you maximise its impact on a regular or ongoing basis which could include as little as one Team session a quarter for your Executive Leadership Team through to a Team and One-on-One Performance Coaching session for every manager once a month. Either way, the choice is yours and can be amended at any time.

For more information, please contact us for a no obligation price.

What’s the ROI?

At the very least, Vantaset usually saves organisations considerably more than the cost of deploying it through the consolidation of interventions and its impact on increasing staff retention and reducing absenteeism. On top of this, the upside is even more significant due to its positive impact on workplace performance and engagement; all of which equates to better organisational outcomes, i.e. productivity improvements and profitability for private businesses and community benefits for public sector organisations.

To find out more, please request our ROI Overview.

How do you support customers long term?

Ongoing Performance Coaching programmes can be arranged to help customers realise the benefits Vantaset offers as well as providing governance and strategic advice to help you maximise its impact on your business over time.

Can more or less support be arranged?

Yes. You can either proceed with our basic support package which includes the minimum level of support required to deploy a programme or we can facilitate additional workshops to help your 3rd and 4th tier leaders (for example) bring it to life within their workgroups. Either way, the choice is yours and can be amended at any time.

Do you provide oversight?

Yes, we provide full oversight for your internal stakeholders. This includes deployment advice and oversight for your Governance or Steering Group if you appoint one, Executive oversight to ensure your leadership team can deploy it correctly, and Programme support to help your assigned Programme Manager, manage its introduction on a practical level. 

In addition to this, we can train a group of internal advisors to act as Subject Matter Experts to help you champion its intent as well as supporting your leaders and their workgroups as and when required. Either way, we are committed to helping every customer realise the benefits Vantaset offers on a continual and ongoing basis.

What technology is it built on?

Vantaset is built on Angular JS and hosted by Amazon servers around the world. It’s backed up on AWS with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of between 4 and 8 hours. The platform has an open API to allow the simple importing and exporting of data from a customer’s HRIMS to accommodate employee additions, exits and performance related data. Internal movements can be managed by the individuals concerned to minimise the need for centralised HR support.

It's important to note that Vantaset is a website as opposed to an app due to the level of sophistication and reporting embedded in the system which can be accessed via Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or Explorer. It can also be configured for Single Sign On to make it easy for staff to access.  

Is it safe and secure?

Yes. Vantaset is a safe and secure system that’s designed to only allow information to be seen by those who are authorised to view it. This includes individuals and their immediate manager as well as the assigned administrators in a business who have been tasked with the responsibility to manage the process on behalf of the organisation.

As a further precaution, Vantaset is continuously backed up on AWS with encrypted data transfers using HTTPS. It also has 2-step login authentication with firewalls between our suppliers’ web servers and the internet as well as between their web servers and database. All customer data including employee information is encrypted using Amazon’s RDS encryption service. Further to this, all upgrades or new releases are tested on a separate staging site to ensure their safety and reliability before being pushed live to customers which we notify them about ahead of time.

Can it be customised?

Yes, Vantaset is a customised product that would reflect your brand and visual identity as well as being configured to match your strategy and structure. In addition to this, we help you contextualise it to maximise its resonance with your workforce as well as aligning it with your strategic aspirations or intent.

Can it be integrated with our existing systems?

Yes, Vantaset can be integrated with your existing HRIMS via an API. Alternatively, it can be deployed as a standalone system and simply link in with your Single Sign On process if you have one so its easily accessible to your staff.

What if we don’t have an HRIMS or ERP system?

Because Vantaset is an end-to-end system, you don’t need to have a Human Resources Information Management System to use it as all we need is your workforce database to load your people into the system after which it can be used independently of other systems. 

Does it use modern or best practice technology?

Yes, Vantaset is a proven people or development-first process as well as being a genuine leader-led process (rather than a centrally managed HR type process) which is why both staff and leaders tend to love it. It is also informed by world-leading human centred science which is supported by new-generation digital technology which HR Teams typically love as it increases their relevance and impact on your business. 

Is it mobile friendly?

Yes, Vantaset is mobile friendly although most of our customers tend to manage the process using desk-top devices but all of the tools and information is available on mobile devices.

Fit or suitability
What type of organisations use it?

Since introducing our performance framework, we’ve helped dozens of organisations representing almost every sector in a modern first world nation. This includes privately owned businesses through to global corporations domiciled in the world’s major cities. We’ve also assisted specialist high tech manufacturers through to large-scale Government agencies. 

Despite the range of businesses we’ve assisted, the common theme our customers share is a desire to either deliver better stakeholder outcomes and/or improve their performance and productivity as a business. 

What type of organisations is it designed for?

Vantaset is an agnostic solution so can be deployed in both public and private sector organisations of any size. The type of organisations it is designed to support are either growth or performance-focused businesses that are not only committed to excellence but have a desire to make a material difference to their customers and stakeholders.

Please note: Vantaset's predecessor was tested in virtually every sector to ensure it worked across all levels of a business irrespective of its focus or industry so can probably work for you.

Is it user friendly?

Our promise is to put the world’s best performance tools in the hands of every person so in this sense its ‘user-friendly’. However, transforming the performance of an organisation isn’t easy which is why McKinsey and Company’s research suggests over 90% of all transformation programmes continue to fail globally. 

What Vantaset does, however, that other interventions don’t is change the culture or DNA of a business from the inside out which is why it’s not only more impactful than conventional approaches, it tends to lead to more dramatic improvements over a much longer period as it benefits staff on a personal level as much as it does the business.

How long does it take to realise improvements?

Vantaset typically delivers results within three months of its introduction or release. 

As an example, the contextualisation of your strategy or the unveiling of a new or revised strategy (which is the first step in the process), allows organisations to create far deeper connections between their people and their strategic aspirations. As a result, it’s not uncommon for staff to say within a short period of time that they’ve never felt so good about the business or clear about their role in the company. This in turn leads to people feeling far more relevant to the business and, therefore, more ‘valued’ by the business which is where the cultural shift starts to happen.

As your relationship with your people becomes ever better, so too will their productivity and effort. This in turn improves their outputs and, ultimately, the outcomes your organisation produces. As these improvements become normalised in your organisation, their effect on your bottom line (or impact on your communities), becomes more notable and consistent.  

How do you prepare an organisation for it?

To ensure our programmes deliver the right outcomes, we apply a process we’ve perfected over a decade. This starts with a Preparation Phase to ready your business and leadership team for its introduction (including the customisation of the platform and materials so they look and feel like your business), as well as the configuration of the tools and templates to reflect your strategy and structure.

We then deploy the process to ensure it reaches every level of your business. Once the tools have been embedded in your business, we work through an Optimisation Phase to help you maximise their impact over time. This includes the implementation of our Competency Framework to align your employee touchpoints with your intent as well as helping you modernise your policies to better support your staff on an ongoing basis. 

How do you deploy it?

Although Vantaset is a Platform-as-a-Service offering, it’s a supported process meaning we help customers roll it out across their business to ensure it reaches every level of their organisation. This includes facilitated workshops for your most senior leaders as well as learning tools to help you cascade it out to each and every workgroup.

As a leader-led process, it includes all of the tools and information your people need to apply it as well as the data and analytics to help you maximise its impact on your business.

How long does it take to deploy?

Our flagship transformation programme Vantaset Enterprise is deployed over a three-year period while our lighter touch performance optimisation programme (Vantaset Business) is deployed over a twelve to fifteen-month period.

Although the deployment period may appear lengthy, improvements are typically felt within three months of its introduction. In other words, the impact or benefits are felt very quickly but continue to increase over time as the process becomes more embedded in the business.

Please note: It’s the ‘hard-wiring’ of our people-first technology into a business that leads to a fundamental change in leadership, performance and culture which is critical to achieving material change. 

What happens if something goes wrong?

Having tested our process in a multitude of markets for decades, we are confident we’ve got it right. However, like any organisation-wide change programme, things can go wrong which is why there are guardrails in place and equally, ongoing support and oversight from our Customer Success Team. This includes a dedicated Programme and Integration Manager to oversee the deployment of your programme as well partner support to ensure our Delivery Partner has access to everything they need from us to ensure your programme works as it should.

At the same time, if any issues arise, we will either bring it to your attention before it becomes apparent or, at the very least, help you address it as quickly and efficiently as we can. In other words, at no time will you be left to your own devices to try and make it work. Instead, we will work with you to ensure it delivers the outcomes it should.

Is it supported?

Yes, Vantaset is a fully supported process as opposed to an off the shelf software solution. This ensures the benefits can be realised within your business rather than you having to try and figure out how to leverage the benefits yourselves. 

For more information, please contact us so we can talk through your interests or concerns at a time that works for you.

Who we’ve helped transform
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“Craig Steel is the best performance specialist on the planet.”

Carl Van Roon
Sport scientist and 10 x World Taekwondo Champion

“Succeeding at the highest level in sport requires more than just physical ability; athletes have to be equally strong mentally. Craig’s extraordinary insight and understanding of performance makes this process achievable.”

Ian Ferguson
5 x Olympic Gold Medalist and Head Coach, Canoe Racing New Zealand

“As a top-level coach for over 20 years, I have never worked with anyone, sports psychologist or other, who has had the effect on athletes that Craig has had.”

Clive Power
Coach, Swimming New Zealand

“Completing SPS’ Leadership Programme was fantastic. The simplicity and impact of their tools enabled us to get rapid alignment across the organisation resulting in clear goals and objectives for everyone.”

Ian Clarke
Chief Executive Officer, Fronde

“SPS’ programmes are not for the faint-hearted and nor are they designed to help enthusiastic amateurs improve. They are world-leading programmes designed to help companies that are serious about performance become true international champions.”

Ray O’Connor
Chief Executive Officer, Tip Top

The New Zealand Police have introduced our business-wide Performance Transformation Programme to help them transform the performance of its 12,500 staff following a public tender to provide an organisation-wide high-performance framework.  

“SPS’ extraordinary Leadership Programme and capability have proven such an effective combination, we’ve made it our primary leadership and performance management tool.”

Peter McClure
Managing Director, Fonterra Brands New Zealand

“Deploying SPS' Performance Transformation Programme has been the key to the transformation of UBank.”

Lee Hatton
Chief Executive Officer, UBank

“Since completing Craig’s process four months ago, we have achieved the best sales results in our ten-year history. We exceeded our quarterly sales target by over 400% and increased our nationwide standing from tenth position to first.”

Derek Fendley
General Manager, Telecom Business Directions

“Engaging SPS in our business has been transformational; not just for my team and business performance, but in delivering the kind of capacity shift in individual’s that is fundamental in today’s increasingly competitive market. Their insights and tools offer a profound opportunity for change if people are willing to take the step.”

Blair Vernon
General Manager, Strategy and Marketing, BNZ 

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