What Vantaset gives you

Because Vantaset programmes are powered by our proven performance frameworks, they’ll change the relationship your people have with your business, leading to a wholesale change in their productivity and experience.

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Unrivalled impact

An unrivalled impact on your people

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Increased performance

A world-leading process to improve the performance and productivity of your business

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Talent retention

A highly differentiated way to attract, develop and retain talent

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Winning formula

A proven way to outperform your competitors or deliver on your strategic intent

Vantaset provides a proven answer to the future of work

Vantaset enables organisations to traverse the employee/employer disconnect using our breakthrough technology. Furthermore, as a high-trust process, it not only unlocks the potential of your business, it helps you realise a new and exciting era for your workforce!

Why Vantaset is different

Vantaset programmes are genuine leader-led products that enable you to use your own people to transform your business rather than conventional approaches that rely on external advisors to manage the process for you.

This approach not only makes Vantaset more cost-effective, it has a far greater impact on your workforce because it allows your people to front the change making it more interesting and engaging for them. With Vantaset, you get:

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Purpose built

The only purpose-built performance optimisation or transformation programmes on the market.

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Aligns 5 Drivers

The only product that integrates all 5 Drivers of Workplace Performance™ using the same technology: Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Capability, Performance Management.

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Far reaching

Performance-focused frameworks that empower every level and individual in your business.

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Complete platform

A state-of-the-art platform that’s customised to reflect the look and feel of your business.

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Data-driven insights

Data and analytics to give you absolute clarity as to where your people are up to in the process, and how they’re tracking against your agreed objectives.

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Proven system

The only products in the world that are powered by our proven performance improvement process, the Steel Performance System™.

Who we’ve helped transform
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“Craig Steel is the best performance specialist on the planet.”

Carl Van Roon
Sport scientist and 10 x World Taekwondo Champion

“Succeeding at the highest level in sport requires more than just physical ability; athletes have to be equally strong mentally. Craig’s extraordinary insight and understanding of performance makes this process achievable.”

Ian Ferguson
5 x Olympic Gold Medalist and Head Coach, Canoe Racing New Zealand

“As a top-level coach for over 20 years, I have never worked with anyone, sports psychologist or other, who has had the effect on athletes that Craig has had.”

Clive Power
Coach, Swimming New Zealand

“Completing SPS’ Leadership Programme was fantastic. The simplicity and impact of their tools enabled us to get rapid alignment across the organisation resulting in clear goals and objectives for everyone.”

Ian Clarke
Chief Executive Officer, Fronde

“SPS’ programmes are not for the faint-hearted and nor are they designed to help enthusiastic amateurs improve. They are world-leading programmes designed to help companies that are serious about performance become true international champions.”

Ray O’Connor
Chief Executive Officer, Tip Top

The New Zealand Police have introduced our business-wide Performance Transformation Programme to help them transform the performance of its 12,500 staff following a public tender to provide an organisation-wide high-performance framework.  

“SPS’ extraordinary Leadership Programme and capability have proven such an effective combination, we’ve made it our primary leadership and performance management tool.”

Peter McClure
Managing Director, Fonterra Brands New Zealand

“Deploying SPS' Performance Transformation Programme has been the key to the transformation of UBank.”

Lee Hatton
Chief Executive Officer, UBank

“Since completing Craig’s process four months ago, we have achieved the best sales results in our ten-year history. We exceeded our quarterly sales target by over 400% and increased our nationwide standing from tenth position to first.”

Derek Fendley
General Manager, Telecom Business Directions

“Engaging SPS in our business has been transformational; not just for my team and business performance, but in delivering the kind of capacity shift in individual’s that is fundamental in today’s increasingly competitive market. Their insights and tools offer a profound opportunity for change if people are willing to take the step.”

Blair Vernon
General Manager, Strategy and Marketing, BNZ 

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